Saturday, November 09, 2013

A reason to be.

I always seem to mix the good with the bad. It softens the blow so to speak, but of course the problem with that, is that the good doesnt get to shine through quite the same.

It has been a long week and so I am going to start from the middle, for where is a better place to start than right there.

I am not sure if I wrote a while back about a committe I had been asked to join. I now can not write to much, but to give the basics of it without breaking protocol, there has been a huge funding investment made into regenative medecine. This is the area that my surgeon is hoping to work on and the reaserch could change everything.

To try not to be over dramtic, it is looking at the use of stem cells and the ability to grow new things from them. Now where this concerns me, is that the first places this has been used, is in the area of tracheas. It is a technology that one day, could mean that no body has to go through the issues I am having. That a new trachea could just be grown for them. And to go even deeper, it is a technology that one day maybe able to be used to grow anything a person needs. Be it an organ, some tissue, an eye or even a lost limb. The possbilities are endless.

Now I do need to be clear on one part, and that is that I am unlikely to benefit personally from this technology. The first patients are being selected and I can not be one of them due to the complexity of my body and medical hisotry. But, I get the next best thing. I get to work with the top doctors and have a voice in steering the way the work goes. It is a big respobility and yet one that just feels wonderful. To think that no one else will have to go through this pain and waiting whilst being unable to breathe.

And that really is about as much as I can say on it, as its all very confidential.

However it did mean that I was in London this weekend for a confrence, which went well.

I did have more to write, but I think I will come back and finish tomorrow, as my arms are not up to typing tonight. But yes, exciting times in the future are to be had.

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