Saturday, October 26, 2013

The balance

After such a dour few posts, I thought it was time that I changed course. Enough pouty pitty me, I hate pitty and I think that I may have lost myself lately within a realm of bad thoughts.

So enough of that.

This week is half term from school and so my niece has been down the last few days. We have been chilling out mostly (I am full of some sort of virus which has left me aching from too much coughing and an inability to move far away from my machinery.) Lots of cuddling up in bed with various films and tv shows on.

I also carved my first pumpkin of year. I love carving them and have done a couple each year for the last 4 years. My first this year, on request of my niece, is a minion.

I have been getting back into sketching a little, whilst I am sitting still. This is the last few days musings. I am thinking of putting it to canvas, but not sure who would appreciate it. I love the song rainbow connection (and generally anything muppet related.)

I took my niece home a little earlier. We were both still wrapped up in our onesies and as I was taking the car, we stayed in them. We sure did have a good giggle about driving down the road, her as tigger and I as eyeore, dancing away in the car to the music. Its moments like this that I will always treasure. I was just hoping that I didnt get pulled over for any reason. Wouldnt really want to get out of the car looking like that.

Its been a good few days. I feel so blessed to have such good family around me. I always appreciate them, but when I feel run down, I appreciate them even more. My mum has been making me good food, if she wasnt here, I know that I wouldnt have had the energy so just not eaten. My niece has been helping me set medical equipment and such up and my dad, letting me fall asleep leaning on his shoulder every time I sit down. Not to mention the jokes about being a dead donkey, whilst mum laughs at him.

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