About Me

I started blogging about 2 years ago now mainly as a way to keep track of everything but also to meet others.
And I have achieved both of those. I have met some wonderful people through blogging and learnt lots of new things. It has also helped when I have needed to put a history together for example changing docs to make sure I get things in order. Its been an eventful for years.

So, who am I?
I wonder that myself sometimes. I am currently 25 and not actively working at present which is a little annoying, but I need to concentrate on my health at the moment. I have done a few years of a nursing degree and a few years of a computer degree, but both of these for now on hold. I do dearly hope to go back to nursing one day, but I shall land where the tide takes me so to speak.

In 2002 I was stabbed, which resulted in a lot of injuries, the main one being to my liver. I had an emergency Liver transplant, to which I am grateful to my anonymous donor. Though, the time in ICU (3months) has a big effect on my body. I developed a condition called tracheal stenosis, where my airway has narrowed a lot.

There have been more than a couple of close calls with my airway as it does not like to behave as an airway should and so attacks it. But I have a wonderful team of surgeons looking after me, meaning that I now have a voice most of the time and no tracheotomy at present. The downside to this, is that for the time being, I have to have a surgical intervention every month. But there is hope that in the future, that may change. Maybe it will, maybe it wont, we shall see. They say the journey is the best experience anyway.

To add to that bundle, I have a few head issues. Mainly PTSD, borderline, depression and such. But they can get very noisy when they want to and so, not all my posts are very nice or logical. I also have a crap sleep system, in that I hate sleeping of a night and much prefer day sleep, however, I can sleep for england and people who know me are trained not to bug me before midday as its pretty pointless hehe.

To keep myself sane, I have a lot of hobbies that get my attention.
I love photography and have spent a few years teaching myself the basics. I recently bought my first DSLR, which is my love and never far from my arm.

I have recently taken to crafts and I can often be found coloring pictures or sticking bits of paper together. I also own a sewing machine, though I am not very good at that one yet. I can do the basics and have made my own angry birds and some sock monkeys, plus a few other bits. I hope to increase my knowledge on that one.

I also have an insane love for gadgets. Anything really gadget wise, from my bluetooth watch, to my Kindle, camera, phone. Its a running joke in my family that I would be an ease person to steal from. On an average day, I have my kindle, phone, ipod, camera and watch on me. And believe me, I would not be able to chase you at present.

My family are what I live for. Right now, my mum is pretty sick and going through chemo, but all is well that ends well. And I love my nieces and nephews as if they were my own.