Sunday, November 10, 2013

missing bit part 1

So continuing on from last night. I will eventually finish this entry, though maybe not tonight either.

I have mentioned about spending some time in London to work with a team of researchers. Well, inbetween that, I was able to stay at a friends house. Whats more she even let my niece stay too. Its strange seeing them talk together now. Last they met, my niece was merely a child, but now she is the whole person of her own. I am so increadably proud of her.

We had aimed to go visit the Harrods Christmas Parade, but the parade was mega early and without huge costs in energy, there was no way we could do it really. So we slept in a little later and still had a fun day.

The friday, we visited Westfield and I took her past where they do the filming for BBC Sherlock (Its our little obsession together. We often through quotes at each other from it.) As it got darker, we met with my friend and went to watch a firework display. I think it has been a while since my niece has been taken to a display, but she was mesmerised by it. By this point I was getting rather very tired, so I put my arms around her wiaste and my head on her shoulder. She thought I was simply cuddeling her and so we stayed like that for a long time, I do hope that she is able to keep the memory of it being a cuddle, rather than it being her supporting me and keeping me upright.

Saturday, as I mentioned we missed the parade, but we had to go for a harrods visit anyway. I am a big kid and so we spent a long time sitting playing with the toys. We spent the evening in China town, looking at totoro and other random things. Followed by a night collapsed in front of the tv eating cinnabon. It was very yummy.

Sunday, she had to get the train back for school, but that left time to visit Camden for some further retail therapy. We even found a a stall selling deeo fried oreos. Not had then in over year, but they were si good. I also bought some new boots (Dr Martens and cant wait to wear them properly) She was back on the train home long before I wish she had to go, but it was an increadbile weekend and I hope to do it again one day,

So that bring me back to Monday. I had the reaserch meeting and then I was admitted to my usual ward. After spending so much time on this ward, everyone knows me and I end up stuck having conversations with every on the ward.

Im skipping over the details so not to bored people.
Tuesday morning was theatre morning. As usual, shower and dressed into a sexy gown. Saw my surgeon just before going under. We spoke about future options. He wants to try putting in a T tube again. I sad we have been there and it didnt help.

He still thinks that it is worth trying and so we are going to review in January. So this time, they decided that the tube is pushing up on the new area and causing it to damage. Really? I mean im ssure I have been telling you that for the last 3 monthsl

So anyway, banter aside with the theatre staff I awoke and was actually feeling warm, which was amazing as I am usually freezing. But then the pain kicked in and I almost shot out the bed. I was in agony and the heart montores were going crazy because of it. After lots of disscussion, they started uping my pain meds, all the while talking to me like I was making things up.

Now I am going to stop here again, as I keep fallling asleep mid sentence. but yeah, nothing great and still pretty wired.

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