Friday, June 07, 2013

Not part of the plan

I am still here.
I have such a long entry that I need to write.
Each time I build up the strength to write something else comes up and takes the wind out of my sails.

By today, I should have had news, good news. I should have been getting ready to start my life again.
Instead, I am still in the hospital and likely to remain for some time yet. The future is once again uncertain and I find myself back in a place where I have no idea what condition my body will be in when it gets to escape here.

All I am going to say here, is things are far from going to plan and right now, it is taking all I have to keep going each day.

But here is to patient doctors that go the extra mile, even when they should long be in bed and to the marvels of medical science and experimental surgery, that will hopefully dig me out once more.

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