Tuesday, February 19, 2013

It has been a stressful few days and I have learnt a lot from theme.

I am in hospital, I was admitted on Sunday afternoon. Easy you would think, but no, its me, so easy never really gets in.

The doc who admitted me didnt think I needed IVs, and so the last 48 hours, I have sat around, while they do nothing, waiting for them to make a descsion. By 5 o clock this evening, I had had enough of us wasting each others time. I already feel crap, I would rather feel crap in my own home, than stuck here.

My main reason for coming in, is to make my days easier. I know that treatment will make me feel better and by doing that, I can get more stuff done. There are things that need to be sorted and I am sat in here for no reason, unable to do what I want.

So this afternoon, I demanded to see a doc. Told them I was fed up. I packed my bag and told them to phone me when they have made a descision about my treatment.

Of course, within 10 minutes of that, I was started on the meds that should have been started Sunday night.

However, it took so much energy getting to that point, that now, even though I slept all day, I feel so exhausted. I have had to unpack my case, but I just feel wiped out.

We have a guy coming this week to fit a new cable tv service. This is on a plan I have organised. I have managed to reduce my parents bills and make sure that they get a decent survivce. I know this wont need any further touching for another 10 years. Just wish I had been able to help the last day or two sorting things.

But things are moving now. And though I know I am going in circles, as I am tired,, Hopefully this is the moves of something more powerful.

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  1. Hi KIm, sorry to hear things are difficult for you, again. It's good to know that you have learnt tactics to get things "done" in hospital, as I know, even from my limited experience, that they need chasing up almost constantly.
    You should be there to rest, not do their job for them, but I suppose that's just the way it is.
    I really hope things improve again for you soon, so you can get on with other plans and travels, you seem so happy when you're planning a trip, it's obviously good for you.
    Thinking often of you. I have a chest review this afternoon, and CBT therapy this morning so I'm hoping to find time to post later . . . Hoping! Sending you love and best wishes x x