Saturday, February 23, 2013

Hospital chronicles

Things have settled. I feel calmer.
The last week was difficult, I know I could have handled it better, but that dosnt mean that I am not proud for how far I have come in actully handling things at all.

I knew I needed the antibiotics.
My doctor knew I needed the antibiotics.
But the ward doctor didnt think I did.
the problem partially comes from my hospital records being spread through so many various hospitals.
Even my local hospital is split into 2. I see my doctor in clinic in one part, but he admits me to the ward in another part. Simple enough, but the notes he writes, dont come to ward.
The other issue being that my body dosnt do anything normally.
We know my lungs are infected. We know the infection is wrecking havoc on my body.
Yet my body dosnt show the usual signs like tempertures or raised white blood cell counts.
Our theory is my body is just supoer friendly and welcomes every bug and germ in with no question. Practically sits it down and offers it tea and cakes, rather than attacking it and telling it to get out.
By this point, we know my body is odd.

So anyway, the doctor who dosnt know me, wants to follow what he has been taught as a doctor. So he didnt want me on the meds, but at the same time, he wasnt prepared to take responbility and discharge me. He was suppossed to get in touch with my doctor, but who knows. 2 days later, I was still sitting there feeling like crap, stuck in a small room all day, going crazy while it felt like no one was listening to me.

It was hard, because I have to trust that doctors know best. But to then say, well wait a minute, that is not what is planned, took a hell of a lot of stress.
But I did it. They still wouldnt listen, so I packed my bag and told them I was leaving the ward. That they could phone me when  they had made a descsion on what to do. Within 20 minutes they decided that I did need the meds and I was once again all hooked up.

Just annoying that it had to get to that point.

So after having about 4 of these in 2 days, not to mention at one point having to have fingers taped to gether to support the needle.

My arms are pretty messy and I look like I have been street fight. The first rules of fight club, there is no fight club.

So a nice doctor took pity on me (was requested to and is being ultra nice to me to make up for last week) and fitted me with a long line. Which is basically an ultra long needle that is threaded in to a vein in my arm and goes right up into my shoulder. Making it a little more durable that the silly venflons.

I also managed to get out for a couple of hours the other day(Who am I kidding, I treat this place like a hotel ha. When things are going ok, I generally get all my treatments and tests and stuff done of a morning. Then after my afternoon IV meds, I go home till my night time ones. Comes in handy living close to the hospital) But, on this occasion, a friend came to visit from Wales. It was nice having a catch up. Though, she was a little taken aback that she came to visit me in hospital dn I then demanded that instead we went to the pub. haha.

Alas, it was nice to catch up. She was the same throat issues as me and it is just wonderful sometimes, to be able to say something and know that someone truly gets it. That yes, I can look good and go out for a couple of hours and nobody would know any differnce. But there is a difernce in that it takes hours to get to that point and I will need the next couple of days to recover. Alas rant over. Anyway, there are negatives and postives to both of this, but I shall leave that for another night.

I havnt seen her in a while and she commented on how long my hair had gotten. Its odd, I hadnt notice until then. But then, I had actully striahgtened it, something I have not done for about 2 years.
I have not had hair this long since I was about 16. Its odd and it annoys me but I love it at the same time. Though, I think its time for a colour. Nothing to major but watch this space I guess.

anyway, super time then sleep I think. If I can sleep. I made the mistake of sitting on my bed at home at about 4 this afternoon and the next think I knew it was 8 oops. (Just for the record, the yoghurt is the tastiest. nom I do love meringues.

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  1. Hey Kim, Talking of "next thing I knew it was 8". . . I had a meringue the other night (out of a box of 8) with a "bit" of cream poured over it, then I had another as they're only small (ish) . . then another and the next thing I knew the box was empty!
    I'm glad you were able to get out with a friend, I'm sure it was worth the effort. I haven't straightened my hair for about 5 yrs (since my youngest was born) I might do that one day soon, I need to re-dye my hair too (grey roots are showing!).
    Now I'm wondering why there are pictures on your keyboard, I'll look closer in a minute . . .
    I came on line to write as post, but as usual, I catch up with Blogs first and sometimes comment . . . And before I know it, it'll be time to start the day, it actually is already time to start the day but as it's Saturday there's no rush.
    I hope you're feeling good today, sending love x x