Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Good days

Life is good and that is partly what really messes with my head sometimes.

This weekend has been good. I felt alive, really alive for the first time in a while. I stayed with a friend in london and i met with one of the people I met on the cruise. We went to theatre to see the phantom of the opera, something I have wanted to see for a while. We talked, we shopped it was fun although exhausting.

Then i had the following day catching up with the friend I was staying with. Being sociable is hard but I know that it is also rewarding.

I like that i am able to have these surges in activity, that I am able to enjoy it. Some days I barely have the energy to get dressed, so it is always a plus doing things.

And now, I am all tucked up in my hospital bed ready for theatre tomorrow. My main complaint being that the doctor booking me in, I have no idea how he is a doctor. One of my bloods came back screwed up, so he came to take more. Made 2 major mistakes right after each other that caused firstly my blood to run everywhere and i had to put pressure on as he just sat there staring. And secondly it destroyed the sample. Gah.

Alas I am allowed to moan on here about stuff like that, it keeps the nerves away about surgery.

I don't usually get nervous, i guess it's just the whole pain thing and I know how uncomfortable it was last time I had rib cartilage taken. But I'm sure it will be fine.

Mum actually came close to complimenting me the other day. She doesn't know how i stay do laid back with the whole surgery thing. I guess you just do worrying Dosnt solve anything so why stress. That being said, I am good at blocking things out and I try to sleep through the nerves.

On that note, I am rambling and i need some rest. So I shall end here. And next time I post it will all be over with.

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