Thursday, January 24, 2013


It is strange the way in which your body adjusts. Things change and they often do it so slow that you dont notice.

I remember the days when I used to be given a course of antibiotics and within a couple of doses I would begin to feel much better. They were like magic pills with hardly any side effects. As time has gone one and I have required them a lot more, my body has changed its opinion of antibiotics. Now, it fights them as much as it can. The side effects are horrible, from feeling drained, to having tummy trouble or headaches. Along with feeling a lot more rough, it usually takes about 6 days before I begin to notice any differnce. I guess from that I can see how people become resistant to a lot of antibiotics.

So yup, I am on antibiotics yet again. That means out of the last 6 weeks, 4 of them I have been on the meds. Not a great start, but at least things are getting under control now. I started last week with a water infection. I wont gross you out on the details, but after a week of seeing no improvement on antibiotics, they have since been changed to another type. Kinda funny, I know they system with the docs that well these days that it becomes second nature. I havnt seen a doctor. Nothing they can do really than write the script, which they dont need to see more for.

Apart from doctors and such, thing have been going ok. I finally got to catch up with my niece this weekend. It was nice to see her finally. I also have adventures planned for the weekend. Might as well make use of getting to spend time in London and have some fun.

Oh I now have all my pens stored nicely in my tin, which makes colouring in so much easier. You can guess what I have been doing the last couple of nights then. I do love colouring and I do like how much better i have gotten at it. It often dosnt look like much, but with shading and colours, I think, my images look much more professional now. Though, it is not something I could ever turn to profit as i spend about an hour on one image.
And now it is time to sleep. Pain has been keeping me awake the last couple of nights, so hopfully tonight I will be able to get some rest. Surgery a week today, so fingers crossed and all that jazz.

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