Thursday, January 31, 2013


Tonight I am feeling so grateful to so many people. It's been a tough couple days, but if I take a moment to just think about all the people who have gotten me here, it's a little overwhelming.

My teams have not given up on me. I am taxing their ability. I have my ent team supporting me through, I have plastics finding a way and at home, I have respiratory and haematology also searching for a way. Of course I also have my family and friends. My dad helping me wire my top on through my drip stand. My mum sorting out my bag and making me drinks.

That's not to say it is easy. I am on some pretty hefty meds ones i never thought I would be on. And at times I want to give in and lose myself to sleep. But if my chest team are working for me, then I owe it to them to keep up my side of the work, no matter how painful that is.

So surgery went ok. They took 3 lots of cartilage which is a huge amount. The plan was to put it in my arm, but after lots of digging, the surgeons could not find enough blood vessels. So now it is in my leg. Midly uncomfortable but manageable all the same.

Spent a lot of time in recovery while the teams worked to get my pain under control. Maxxed out on morphine and tramadol then headed straight through fentanyl and in the end the anesthetic doc sat talking to me for 20 mins while slowly pushing some ketamine through my drip. It was tiring but now things are under control and tomorrow hopefully we begin the task of lowering the control once again.

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