Wednesday, December 12, 2012


I have been pretty bad at blogging these days. Life has kinda gotten in the way.
Been pretty run down with what I can only assume is another chest infection, plus what feels today like a cold.

I have had to finish a load of craft orders and the builders are still here, so please forgive me for not having replied or updated.

Updates are probobaly going to get less for a while as today, I head off to London and tomorrow I head for the ship that will take me to norway.

Yup, tis all I have to say at this point.
Hope everyone is keeping well.

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  1. Hi, yes, me too, I've not been blogging so much recently. I hope your cold doesn't last and that you feel well in Norway. Have a great time Kim, looking forward to reading about it. That will be a trip of a lifetime. My Dad used to be a fisherman on the Arctic trawlers and He said the Northern lights were awesome. Enjoy it all Kim, take good care and be well. Sending love to you x