Sunday, December 02, 2012


Exciting things are happening all around.

I mentioned in my last entry (I think) that when I am having a good spell, yet need to force myself to rest to keep the good spell going, that I begin to day dream. I dream of possibilities and things I want to do. The last few days I had this overwhelming urge, that I did want to go away. Ok that urge has been there for a while, but none of my plans so far had been viable, from a health and money and ability perspective.

All that has now changed.
I found a cruise, that looked wonderful. I wanted to visit somewhere new, and now I have somewhere to add to my list. So where am I going, well, as of this afternoon, I am booked on the cruise ship the Balmoral, which holds 1300 passengers. And I am going, over the course of 9 days, going to visit;
* Oslo, Norway
* Copenhagen, Denmark
* Hamburg, Germany
* Bremerhaven, Germany

How exciting is that?!?! And no boring journeys, as I will be cruising, with libraries, and pubs and cabert shows and oh so much fun.

I will be celebrating my 10 year transplant anniversary in the middle of the North sea! eek excitement.

There is more.
The night before I travel, I have arrange to take my Dad out. He is a huge fan of Andre Rieu, but decent tickets, sold out long ago. He has no idea yet, but I have bagged 3 front row tickets for his show! Its his Christmas present and although a little more expensive than I would normally spend (you dont want to know the price) I know it will be something he will love and never forget.

I have a good feeling about December.

I am also talking to a kinda old friend and things are going so well there. I am not writing much more on that just now, but know that I am really enjoying it.

I am weary on what I write here. There are a lot of people I hope dont read it, but there is also a lot of, not sure how to put it. In transplant communities, there is a lot of support for people who are on the list so to speak.They support each other through a time that you can only understand when you experince it. But when it comes to experimental surgery, its the opposite. There is no support and so the opposite tends to happen in that a type of competition begins to form. I get it, I mean, I understand where is comes from, the desire to be well, but with the risks involved, beleive me I wish I were able to wait until things become set in stone. I dont know, I am going off track. I guess what I am saying, is people dont see clearly, its hard to see the full picture when you are so close to things. And so I am cautious on some of my writing, for many reasons.

Ah its past my bed time, but right now, December is going to be a good month. And then I think 2013 is going to be a hard year, but a positive one. 2013, the year I learn to breathe again, would sound good to me!

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