Monday, November 19, 2012

Nebbing hell

I think I am going to end up hating this neb routine. I am still in hospital and I know how much the nebs help my lungs, but nebs tie you down for a while and I hate having to do them all the time. They do help and so I will continue to do them and attempt to save my lungs from giving up on me, but that dont mean I have to like them.
This is my morning and evening set up. It may change once I get out of hospital, but for now, 6 differnt lots just seems like a lot. 18 nebs a day on a day when I am well. Its time consuming. But we shall wait and see.

Should be home tomorrow. Always a good thing. No more IVs at least for a while.

Which is a great thing as I have a big custom order to get finished. This is one piece I have been working on tonight.

I actually really like it and think that my talent has progressed a lot. Of course the hard part is, how much to charge for items like this.

Anyway sleep times.

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