Saturday, November 17, 2012


Lasts night random post.
You can probably guess, I had just gotten back from the twilight film premier.
It was 3am and I did feel rather odd coming into the hospital at that time of night. Alas the nurses were great and worked my treatments around for me.
I was also very proud of myself, as I ran all my nebs (which is a fair few at the minute) and disinfected my equipment both before I went out and once I got back. Go me!

Film was great though I wotn say any more  Though today, I have been exhausted so slept most of the day and still feel wiped out.

And tonight's escapeds?

I went out dancing (minus the dancing part. I cant/wont dance)
It was a friends 30th party so I went there for a couple of hours. Though I didnt drink due to IVs and I didnt stay late due to feeling a little dead. It was a little surreal putting heels on whilst I had a cannula in my arm, but luckily it was easy to hide.

I dont get out much, so when I do get the chance, I am not letting a little thing like hospital get in the way.

The picture is a bit lame as I dont have my cardi on nor my scarf, but you can see the outfit a bit.
Gotta love hospital bathrooms.
Havnt rolled my hair since I lost the red. Forgot how much it makes my arms burn.
I do love my shoes, just wish I could walk better in heels.

Oh, I also saw the drs on ward rounds today. Though my doc is off sick, I saw someone else on the team. Things are going ok so far, but we have decided to go till Monday with the IVs and revaluate then, with the hopes of discharge. I am happy enough with that. so so far so good.

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  1. love the shoes and matching scarf..... pleased you had a good time