Tuesday, November 20, 2012


I am home.
My typing maybe awful as the nebs are wrecking havoc on my hands.
Its been an intresting addmission.

I have gone in at 3am,
I have gone in at 5pm.
I have gone in heels,
I have gone in in pjs and slippers.
I have slept all day,
I have stayed awake for hours.
I have added nebs,
I have taken away nebs,
And then added some more nebs.
I have been to physio
and gone through lots of cannulas.

I have seen doctors and nurses, and tons of other staff.

I guess now I am out, the real work begins. Its easy to keep up with good routines, when you are sitting in the same room all day, but to put it in to real life, is the next step.
I know that I need to work hard to keep my health where it is. That between trach care and now so many nebs and such to keep my lungs going, it is like a full time job. But that is why I cant work at the moment. And I need to try to stop berating myself for not working. Right now, not losing any more lung function should be my biggest goal.

Its easy in a way to take things for granted. That the tube I have in at the minute, is working and I can breathe. I am still breathless on exertion, but for that I am thankful as I am still breathing and can rest. Unfortunly the dreaded axe still lingers above my head. I know that this time now, is easy, but how long do I get before the longer tubes begins to scar, is another question all together.

So for now I need to make the most of breathing. That I can do, though I still need to fit treatments and rest in.

I can get my neb time down to 3 horus a day. If I hadnt of upgraded my machine the other month, it would be 8 hours a day. All that extra time has to be a bonus.

So for now, speaking of rest...


  1. Upgraded your nebs machine was a very wise move by the sounds of it. I can't imagine 8 hours a day on nebs. I hope you keep stable and well for a good while Kim, you've had a lot to cope with.
    Thanks for your support and kind words on my Blog, they mean a lot to me. Take care x x

  2. Hey there gal,
    Sounds like there is so much going on. I just want to give you my best and let you know that I'm thinking of you. I see you saw the last Twilight. Awesome! I liked it very much. I might have to go see it again. I took my daughters to see it opening night. It was fun. I agree with Bugs, the upgrade has to be a big joy. That's a lot of time.
    With love, bx