Sunday, October 07, 2012


After spending far to many hours at this computer, I think I have decided.

I have a travel bug, I always have had really. I blame my parents.
From a young age, holidays were labeled important. Every year we would have a familiy holiday.
At one point, my parents were called into school about my lying to a teacher about where I was traveling to. Forgiene holidays were for the rich and the mere mention of St Tropez and visiting 5 countries in one holiday was enough to ring alarm bells to the teachers.

In truth holidays were important, but it was were the money was placed. We didnt go to McDonalds every other week like most kids and we didnt get hundreds of pounds worth of presents every birthday. We had more than enough and we never went short, but spare money was put into the pot each year.

And I am so thankful to that. I mean, who remembers what they got for their 8th Birthday? No one really, I do however recall a trip to the top of the Effiel Tower that year. I dont remember lots of new toys, but I remember get a little sunburnt whilst playing with the snow in switzerland.

Last year I went on my first holiday alone to Europe, to the christmas markets and I had the best time. I swore I would do it again this year. And that was the plan. But then I thought, there is so many other things I want to do, sure the Markets are fun, but my parents are very much in to sunny holidays. As they have gotten older this is even more so. Florida, Greece, Italy. (Oh did I mention I was going to Greece next week?)

Well anyway, after a lot of research and much haggeling, I think I have found my dream holiday and its not that much more expensive than the markets.

I am looking to visit (dramatic pause to build suspense) Sweden.

Ok, so you are probably thinking, what on earth are you going to do there, we already have Ikea here and its not like you can take flat pack on a plane anyway.

Well, I am not talking about big cities in Sweden, I am talking up North, way up north till you cant go much further. In to the cold, into the snow, into the days were they only have 4 hours of day light a day.

I am going to go stay Karesuando. From there, on a clear night, the Northern lights are visable. I have wanted to see them since the first day I ever heard of them. Not only that, but snowmobiles, husky dogs, sledging, igloos, Reindeer. Oh man so exciting.

So, why havnt I booked it if I want to go so much.

Well, it has taken a little persuasion to the perentals. They have declared that I can go, if I get the permission to, from my surgeon. We are talking freezing cold weather and I guess I have to make sure that my tubes wont shatter in the cold and that my chest is up to it.

I see him this week. So watch this space for excited holiday talk. Oh, did I mention that the one I hope to go on is about 5 weeks away? Yeh, I can like last minute arrangements. So I am in London monday through to wednesday. And then Saturday I am in Greece. By the time I get back, it will be like 3 weeks away eep. but yay.

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  1. So excited for you Kim, this all sounds real good; Greece next week and then Norway! My Dad and his wife went on a Norwegian cruise to see the northern lights as he had seen them years back when he worked on the Icelandic trawlers, so he wanted her to see them, well worth it! You'll love it. So excited to hear about your travels. You sound much happier with plans to look forward to, I've not even posted this week as I've been too busy, hopefully tomorrow morning!
    Have a great time in Greece Kim, you deserve it x