Saturday, September 01, 2012


I should update this, but I am going to try to keep it short as I am pretty exhausted.

I finally got my contrast ct results when I went to London. The surgeon first looked down my airways. Cleared a load of crap out of the edges of my trachea and commented that the scar tissue was coming back, though I told him I dont want him to do anything at the moment. It has been clearing itself off and on and right now I dont feel up to surgery. He agreed with that, knowing that I know when things get too much and that I know how to get help.

I asked about the CT, he said, oh did we do one? Yeh he has that good a memory.
Turns out, from my trachea point of view, things are as we thought, just extreme narrowing where the tube sits through. The good news being that we are not wearing into any blood vessels at the minute, which was feared. So in conclusion to that, the pain I keep getting, seems to be from the scar tissue pressing on the tube. Kind like when you have shoes that rub. At first you dont notice too much, but the more you walk on it the more painful it gets. Which is what I do during the day, the movement of my neck aggravates it so it gets more painful as the day goes on. Differnce being is that shoes you can take off or put a plaster on.

So for now, it is onwards and just being sensible with my trachea.

However, the CT did show up something else. I have some odd marks on my right lung, nodules, but as they could only see a small portion of my lungs and had nothing to compare with, they are not sure what it is. So I guess that is something to go puzzle out with my chest doctor. Mum asked me if it was something to be worried about and I told her no, but in truth, I dont know.

I do however need to see my chest doc soon. I think it might be time for IVs again. The crap coming off my chest is disgusting once again and it is making me struggle and ache from coughing.

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