Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Excessive sleeping?

Its been an odd few days.
Actully, I woke with energy this morning. It has been so long since I have done that.

Saturday night, I was exhausted. My parents were away until tonight so I had the house to myself. Normally, Mum really complains if I sleep in past 12, but as she wasnt in, I decided to unset my alarm clock and let my body sleep until it woke up naturally, again it has been such a long time since i have felt this. From sleeping midnight, I woke up at 4pm. That is 16 hours shesh. Even I was shocked. I woke feeling better for it, but felt pretty grotty. Usually I love spending time in my PJs and I love spending time in my room. I could stand to do neither when I woke, which was most odd. Perhaps sleeping had worn both out of me. So at 5 oclock, I was dressed, had some food and was sitting downstairs with the couch to myself. 

By the time10 oclock had come around, I had achieved so much. I wanted to do something special for Mum considering everything she does for me. So I ended up washing all her bedding and tidying her room. I cleaned the floor, polished and made the bed up. It looked a lot different as they had throw stuff about when packing to go away. It may only sound like a small thing, but the fact I had the energy to do it was a big thing and it does make a big differnce as Mum seldom has time to do her room. 

I slept again that night and woke refreshed again at 10:30am. In time to clean the bathroom and do a little more cleaning. 

I then went out to a doctors appointment, sorted some of my chemist stuff and popped to the shop for fresh bread. Starting to feel tired again now, but, excessive sleeping feels like it has helped. Ha I wonder if I can get Mum to agree to letting me have a whole day of sleeping once a week as catch up hehe. it felt nice being able to do things.

As for my doctors appointment. That was a bit of a waste of time. It was a locum doctor and so he didnt know me. Told me first he would write me a script for my syringes and such, but then couldnt figure out how to add it on the computer, so he is getting back to me. As for talking to him about my pain meds, his conclusion was, if you keep taking oramorph you will get addicted. Yes I do know all this, but can you offer me an alternative, so I can still do my treatments without being in agony. He did all the usual suggestions, Tramadol and so on, which would leave me with no skin left on my face as I scratch so much when I have it. So I left in the end with not very much and no real answers. Try again next week perhaps.

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