Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Transplant Serivces photo shoot results

Ah with all the drama of the last week (and the meds) I forgot to post my new pics here. They are the ones that were done alongside the article for the National Transplant services. They are a little a random, and even though I hate any pictures with me on, there are some that I like, espcially the ones with my Tiny on. (She is my baby tort)


  1. Nice photos Kim . . . I love that your hair almost matches your laptop! and tiny is sweet. my daughter wants a tortoise, but I've never seen one in a pet shop, are they still available these days or have you had it for a while?
    I hope your breathing is improving, and you're getting used to the new meds.
    Take care Kim, I'm off camping on Friday but I'm taking my laptop so I should be able to keep up . . . I'm addicted to this bloggery ;-)

  2. Hey. Umm, I have tortoises. Tiny and Hermy. I have had them for about 5 years and 7 years now. They are available, but generally only specilsit pet shops have them (exotics or reptiles) or you can buy them online (which is generally not a good idea)Just make sure you do your reaserch first. There are lots of breeds, some of which can grow huge. (Such as Sulcatas.)But all breeds need lots of space inside and out as well as a UV light and a heat light. Without which, they tend not to grow and can get a lot of health problems.
    But they are lovely creatures. Ours are tame and follow you around. Tiny was about a quarter of size that she is now when we got her, she used to fit easily in the palm of my hand.