Wednesday, July 18, 2012

awake maybe.

Tuesday morning was my surgery and turns out I was first on the list. So I had to be up and ready, in my sexy stockings and gown by 7am.

I saw my surgeon before I went to sleep, where he explained the things he was going to try. Before long, I was waking up in the recovery room and it was all over with.

I woke up in pain, but more so I really struggled to wake up and in all honesty, I have been like that ever since.

They have switched my tube, to what is called a button. It is much neater and holds its own place without having to wear a neckband. I can have it open or closed on the front, meaning I can neck breathe or mouth breathe.

Yesterday was wonderful. It showed me how much breathing can be taken for granted.  I got up, went the loo, came back and only then realised I had done it all fairly quickly without feeling the slightest bit breathless. This was wonderful and such an achievement. I soon went back to sleep.

Upon awaking later, I went the loo again but this time noticed I had slowed down again. Slept through the night but by this morning, I felt more restricted again.

I have slept all day. I woke to eat dinner. At one point, the beds had to be stripped while the mattresses where checked. It was only 5 minutes perhaps, but I sat in my chair and fell fast asleep.

in an attempt to wake up, I took a stroll to the shop. Right now, I would probably rate my breathing about the same as it was just before the op. Anything hills or speed makes me breathless, but slow flat walking I can do. The only differnce is, now I feel like I am making a snorting noise. Kind of like snoring, but whilst awake.

With a bit of luck its just post surgical swelling and it will go down pretty quick. So for now, I am drinking coke and colouring in, in an attempt to try to keep my eyes open until meds and bed.

Now for my next challenge, getting through nebs without falling asleep.

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  1. Hi Kim, I've not finished reading your previous post yet . . . but I had to come here to say I'm so glad your operation went well. It's true about how we take our breathing for granted. When I was first diagnosed with Emphysema I was terrified, I could hardly breath. I was so happy and grateful that I was able to improve my lung function.
    I hope once the surgery settles you will be able to breath more easily, as it makes a huge difference to life quality.
    Love the colouring, I think we have that book too, they did a few in that series; flowers, rivers, animals, forests. They're great for colouring as there's so much detail.
    Hope you feel better real soon, you're so brave. I would make such a fuss if I had to have a minor op. Take care x