Sunday, July 22, 2012


I am still in London.
The plan is a little hazy to be honest.
Keep up with the med regieme and the nebs.
The rest comes down to the surgeons reviewing things tomorrow.

I usually have a good idea what they are going to say, but this one is a little more complex.
I dont think this new tube will be staying though.
I went out of the hospital with it yesterday and it was hard.

Normally I get breathless and my breathing goes louder, but this time, with this tube, it was like I didnt have any reserve to give. That I couldnt get more breathless, it was stuck as it was.

So it looks like it will be back to the trach, but from their I have no idea.

The last few mornings have been wonderful though. I have awoken with bright sunlight on my face.
AsI slowly uncurl myself from under the covers and soak in all the wonderful vitamin D.
I stand in the window looking out over London as I run my nebs and the view never fails to make me happy.
I have always had a thing for skylines. Add that to a sunrise and I am a very happy person.

I wonder if I could one day get onto the roof here. Now that would be good.

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