Monday, July 16, 2012


As promised, a few of the pics from my holiday. I am still working on picking out the best shots and some still need tweaking, so far I have about 300 favourite shots ha, so I need to work on getting that down.

Florida was wonderful. The lights and excitment of it all can not be fully described.

We had our own villa, which was huge, with 5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. But more importantly, a private pool and jacuzzi. We started many a day off with a swim.

Not to mention evening swims and lunch by the pool.

Of course we visited some of the theme parks and what would Orlando be, without the obligatory Universal globe photo

We visited Hogwarts, which was truly amazing. All the shops looked so real and the castle looked straight out of the film.

The attention is in the detail, in these types of places. Each window with its own display, be it dress robes, measuring themselves, quidditch balls bouncing around or this cute little mandrake whose screams could be heard from outside the window. Not to mention, that continous complaints of Moaning Mrtyle in the toilets.

All the staff where in costume, be it the train driver, or the shop keepers in their full school uniform and robes. You could drink a butterbeer (which was kinda like a caramel iced drink) in the three broomsticks or slip next door for some firewhiskey in the Hogs head.

It was magical and out of all the areas in all the parks, this is the one we spent the most time in. Even the shops were magical, with owls perched in the rafters or the monster book of monsters trying to get out of its cage. Of course, you could buy your own robes or wands, but it was just as much fun to browse.
Of course there were also plenty of Rollercoasters to enjoy too.

Though, I did have an interesting conversation with the grinch.

 And hugged the cat in the hat.
Though Sam I am was one of my favourites, though not many people took notice of him, perhaps they didnt like green eggs and ham. (I shall grow up one day)

And of course you cant forget the things.
 Of course there was plenty of time to be silly.

But Sea World still holds a large part of my heart. The Shamu show has changed a lot since I was last there, as trainers are not allowed in the water, but it was still fun.

We did see an ice skating elephant in Busch Gardens.
Alas, Dad wouldnt let me bring a new tortoise home with me.
 Though, I did find a rather handsome parrot
 Who followed my every move. Everytime I turned my head, he turned his. If i went around the corner, so did he. It was a fun dance, he must have like my hair.

Though we got very close to a lot of wonderful animals.
Thats my niece in the glass box under the white tiger.

We enjoyed so many meals out, as well as bonding time.
I found a disney resturant, that I highly recomend. The food is a little indian in style, but the setting is African.
But the most stunning thing, is that they have an Africa animal area, where you can observe the animals from a very close point.

Got to love lego! and the sights and sounds of Orlando. Though, my niece fell greatly in love with the wildlife. I think this one was called leo, but I do love this photo.

And that was my holiday, though we had some disastours with the planes getting back. A storm meant we circled for a long time, then had to refuel, making us late getting in. We ended up diverted to amsterdam on the way home and it took about 23 hours to do a 9 hour journey. But the holiday was fab, just wish it had been longer, as we didnt want to come home.

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  1. You mentioned going for a little swim, I wasn't sure you would be able to due to the trach. I am glad you can swim with one, I had just assumed that you couldn't get any water in it. But maybe I am wrong about that.