Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Yay I am now free from hospital. After much talking, they said I could switch the iv meds to orals. They they wanted to run nebuliser antibiotics, but realised I'm allergic to the one they wanted. It's what caused my hearing loss. So they are working on finding one of them.

They then discovered that you can't run them through a regular trach mas and so they need to order a spelized mask for me. That is something they are going to work on this week for me.

The pharmacists have been most useful this week, even finding a line flush that I can use with my heparin allergy. This opens up a whole world of possibilities as it means I can potential have an easy access port fitted in my chest if I continue having trouble with iv meds.

Speaking of lines, my long line is now out, though that was another challenge. Usually they just slide out. Not mine, it got so attached to me that it didn't want to leave. Every time the nurse pulled, it just pulled itself back in. You have to be careful how you pull them, as of it snaps and goes inside the body, it can cause a lot of problems.

After lots of pulling, and sitting with my arm in a bowl of hot water for an hour, it eventually let ho and came out. But that made me almost 3 hours later leaving the ward than expected.

So now I am once again in London and exhausted. Tomorrow I have clinic, but my breathing feels easier than last week, so with a bit of luck, it will be good news, on the scar tissue front and not need any treatment. Fingers crossed anyway.

So nothing goes as planned, but we will get there in time. For now, time up sleep as exhaustion takes over.


  1. Hi, I'm glad they manged to get the long line out, that sounds horrendous.
    I enjoyed your London Eye post, I just didn't get time to comment as I was catching up late at night. Sounds like you had some (expensive) fun.
    Pleased that your breathing is improved too.
    Take care x

  2. K,
    Hope you're well and feeling better now that you are home. I just wanted to stop and say hi. Be well my friend. I wrote a minute ago and I lost it. This is a do-over, so if you got two of these, post the other one.

    1. Wonderful to hear from you Beux!
      And thank you.

  3. Thanks, It was plenty fun!
    And not as expensive as it looks, just takes some planning. There was an offer on a while ago and I was able to change my tesco points for a merlin pass, which lets me do lots of attractions for a year. I had to pay train fares anyway and the rest were smart use of vouchers.