Monday, June 11, 2012

The nicer side to my trip

So yeah, London wasnt a total disappointment, we did have fun whilst down there and did some pretty awesome stuff. First off we went on the London eye.

It was a pretty scary view from the top and felt very strange just being supported by some metal work.

Although it was the Jubliee weekend in London, we decided to avoid the parades due to crowds. When we were by Big Ben, there was still a couple of hours to go until anything happened in that area, but you can see people already gathering on the bridge.

We had some lunch whilst on the move, though I loved that my sandwich packet looked like a tube train. Truth be told it was the best thing about the sandwich as most of it went in the bin. I didnt discover till I bit into it that it had tons of thick mayo on it ick.

We then headed to the London Dungeons. Where there were lots of creepy people about.

The dungeons were really good. Certainly had it off to an art, on how to teach teenagers history without them being bored out of their mind. I couldnt really photograph anything in the dungeons due to the light.

We headed off to meet a friend for supper, detouring past a pink phone box and Tower Bridge.

And on the way to the hotel, we happened to bump into Paddington Bear.

The next day, the morning was taken up by appointments, but in the afternoon, we went hunting for famous people.

I found Johnny Depp

Rpatz and Taylor Laurnte.

She chilled out with Mr Obama. 

Unfortunly they were all made of Wax, else I am pretty sure Johnny Depp would have been love struck at first sight and so I wouldnt be writting this, as we would have been to busy getting married and honeymoning hehe. A girl can dream.

Though on the way home, we did find platform 9 3/4 but alas we had missed the Hodwarts express and so had to make do with virgin trains to take us home.

Though they did give me a nice glass of wine. I was not too keen on their sandwiches, so instead made my own Nutella baguette. Chocolate spread and wine, I am a classy girl I am telling you. See, would have been a meal Mr Depp could have enjoyed with me.

And that was time in London. Tiring, yes. Expensive, yes, worth it? very much so.
Until next time.


  1. Oh, this is so funny, classy girl. And Mr. Depp too! Aha, I love your jokes. Great fun. Gee, you get out more than I do and have way more fun, and I don't have any breathing problems! What is wrong with me? I have to smarten up and stop feeling sorry for myself. You are way too cool and are having so much fun, that is just awesome! Well, I know you have problems too but you are always so positive. But that was a scary post about the scar tissue earlier. Good luck with that! You are so brave!

  2. Fun is what makes life worth living.
    When you dont know how much time you have, you put as much in to your time as you can.
    I think its a great way to live, no matter what time you do or dont have.