Friday, June 15, 2012

Good things come..

.. to those who wait.

I wanted a break, some good signs, something to lighten the dark bits that were begining to feel heavy.
I got them, I got them so good and it was so worth the wait.

Im being cryptic, let me explain.

Recal the who visa fiasco, and telling a 12 year old she dosnt get to go to Florida after all? Well after a lot of begging, much frustration, many phone, some tears and almost going mad over it, I got an email on tuesday to say that they would issue my visa, but it would take 5-10 working days, I had 6.

As fate would have it, I was in London at the time and as a result of having an amazing friend, I was able to stay an extra night in hers and get my passport to the embassy early Wednesday night. (Thank you!! I owe you big time) They have rushed the visa through for me and I have just recieved message to say that my passport and visa will be back in my hands before the weekend. YAY!! Big time.

So happy. Though it means there is tons to arrange. From cars, to medication, medical equipment and supplies, a place to stay and insurance. I am slowly working through the list, though the travel insurance is the major hurdle now. It is about £500 for my insurance, and that is with the few companies that will insure me.

I was in London on Tuesday to discuss where to go to next with my surgeon. I really cant praise my surgeon enough, he is one fab guy. The purpose of having the trach in, was to prevent me spending so much time in hospital, to improve my breathing and my quality of life. So far, it is having the opposite effect and I am in fact spending more time in. So we need a new plan. He has a few ideas, and I will detail them in another post at some point, but in short, once I get back off my hols, I will be addmitted for a while in London and will lose the trach and try something new. It sounds odd that the prospect of surgery excites me, its not that, its the hope that surgery offers, that there is a chance, no matter how slim, that things can change. 

So I got my break big time. I kept the faith and I guess I am quite proud how I did deal with all the disappointments of the last couple of weeks. I think in a way, it shows how far I have come, not long ago, I would have crumbled and been a mess.

Oh and I almost got readdmitted to hospital last night. I feel very rough, cant stop coughing, my muscles and joints ache so much and I coughed so much that my tea refused to stay where it was meant to. I spoke to the ward, they made sure I was ok over night, I was really looking forward to a night in my own bed. Then I was reviewed this morning on the ward once again. Although I have a temp and look like death, I have only just finished IVs and I am still on oral meds, so we think its viral. That is good news. Just means, that I have to get plenty of rest, plenty of fluids and stay drugged up on painkillers. Whilst I dont want the painkillers, as they make me sleepy, I need them regardless, as its painful to cough, but if I avoid coughing, it will build up on my chest once again.

Hopfully, this will clear by the weekend. I slept the majority of today and feel better for it. so yay, good news all round. Keep the faith, the sun always has to show at some point. And I get to see lots of sun when I go away in 5 sleeps!!

But for now, I am doped up, hooked up to my machine and off for some sleep imposter Bear.

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  1. O wow Kim,
    I'm so pleased for you, I've said many prayers for you (not in a religious way, just prayers ;-) . . . This is brilliant news; for you and your neice.
    Get plenty of rest, work your way down that list and I can't wait to hear about your amazing holiday.
    Take good care and enjoy every minute of your Hols.
    Also real good news that your surgeon is prepared to try something new to make your breathing easier.
    Get well soon, in time for your holiday. Have a good 'un x