Monday, June 04, 2012

I'm in

So yep, I have now been addmitted to my good hospital.
I was booked in on Friday night. Though there was some confussion with my notes and so nobody is completely clear on the plan for treatment.
So, I am now on IVs, but they want to speak to my consultant before starting new nebs.
And its a bank holiday here, so that wont be until at least Wednesday.

Right now, I am hooked up to my IVs and running my usual treatment.

Today is day 3 of IVs, yet I feel crap still. I dont expect miricles, but I literally could not wake up this morning. Nurses have been talking to me and such, and even then, I have pretty much slept through it. so its 12 now, and I am just about sitting upright. Rock n roll lifestyle huh.

Which is all well and good, but I am booked to travel to london for my visa and a clinic appointment Tuesday and Wednesday. So they have to let me out then. Getting nervous for the visa.

Though I spent a large portion of time last night, looking for villas. As its last minute, all the good ones have gone and most that are left are mega expensive and huge, like 10 bed rooms and such. But, I think, I have found the most perfect one, at an amazing price, so cant wait to show my Dad and see what he says. Though still can book it till wednesday.

And I guess that is about it. My niece is staying in my mums, which is nice, though I wish I were there. oo wonder if I can teach her to give me a shoulder massage later, as I ache a lot haha.


  1. Rock and roll lifestyle? I love that joke. So funny. I am glad you are in the good hospital, and that you are looking forward to the villa and the trip! Good things to be excited about. That is awesome. You are so patient with everything. It is truly admirable. And you are so positive too. Now if only I could be less negative.

  2. Hey, Looks like "someone" was listening to my prayer for your place in hospital on Thursday night. This often happens, I really should pray more often.
    I hope you make it to your appointments on Tuesday and Wednesday and that you're able to book the "perfect villa" that you found.
    Take care x