Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I believe I can fly.

So I now own one short term visa.
My passport has a shinny new page.
My bags are packed and yes I do mean bags. I have one for clothes and one case full of equipment. Not to mention meds and such, which have to go seperate again. And then of course the standard clear bag for any liquids like inhalers and saline.
I have my flight socks ready. Ipod loaded with music, kindle loaded with books.
and at 6am tomorrow, I will be walking out of the door for 2 weeks in the sun yay.

I am so happy to be going.
I still feel a little rough, but I am so much better than before the weekend when I could hardly move.
Everyone seems to have had that viral bug, but it totally wiped me out more than I thought it could. I thought I was on a good footing, but seeing how much something so simple can leave me struggling, was an eye opener.
Mum now has the same thing and Dad is just starting with it. As horrible as it sounds, im glad I got it first, as it would have been even more scary to have had it while away.

Though, my main problem right now is my mood. I have had a good mood for months. And yet the last couple of weeks I have gotten more and more grouchy. Right now, I am very irritable. You know the type of moods that you just cant explain, there is no rhyme or reason to them. And the hardest bit is that most my irritability seems to be with my niece. I have no idea why. It dosnt make sense that I want to spend this time with her and yet dont at the same time. Gah, im sure once I am away it will fine.

So, Florida here I come.


  1. Have a lovely time in Florida! Wouldn't worry about grouchiness and irritable mood - probably just very ordinary (everyone gets it) stress dementia occasioned by your Big Adventure and everything you've had to do to be ready for travelling. Enjoy!

  2. Hi, I'm so pleased it's really happening for you . . . I think maybe all the getting ready and not being well has possibly left you tired and irritable. I'm sure once you've relaxed in the sun for a while your mood will change(?) I hope your neice is grateful for all you've done organising this holiday.
    Enjoy it Kim, look forward to reading about it . . . and photos, maybe?
    Take care, hope you feel well to enjoy it x

  3. Wow, you seem so organized! And you only just recovered from a cold, and just got out of the hospital too! Oh my goodness, and here you are, packed and ready to go! I have to take a long trip in September, and I am already panicking over not being ready, but I have to go away for almost 4 months in the fall, and then again for almost 3 months in the winter and then again for a month in the spring. I am gone almost 8 months, or 28 weeks I think it is, with breaks in between. And I have to pack up both my homes while I am gone and put everything in storage. That is a long story. I feel like I will never be ready! But at least I don't have to pack medical supplies, and you do. That would not be easy. Have a great time though!