Wednesday, May 09, 2012


Tomorrow, I am trotting off to London for clinic. I am actually debating on if I whether or not I need to go.
Last week was a struggle. As the week drew on i was feeling worse and worse and could find nobody willing to help. My medical chest doctor is off, my chest surgeon up here kinda brushed me off and my GP took forever to get back to me. Knowing it was a bank holiday, I was dreading the weekend and knew I would need some type of treatment before then. In sheer desperation, I contacted my London surgeon, who suggested I come to clinic this week. That was my back up. And then my GP got back to me and saw me too, but I kept London as back up.

As the weekend progressed, I didn't think I would make it to wednesday.

and then Sunday night, something changed. After spending literally hours changing from nebs, to humidifier, to suction and back again, something shifted and I could once again breathe.

Now dont get me wrong, I am still not brilliant, but I can breathe. At the moment, I am still blocking up, but I can clear it. I'm coughing a little bit of blood, but its only tiny and I have a bit of pain, but its less than it was. My oxygen levels have also improved once again to the high 90's instead of the low 90's.

And that is why I dont think that I need to go anymore and I doubt very much he will want to keep me in, which of course is fab news. However, I have decided to go to clinic anyway. My main reason being, that I am hoping to go away at the end of the month and so it would be helpful to find out how things are progressing to make sure I dont need any quick clean up before I go. The one thing I really want to avoid, is getting sick whilst on holiday.

So it is kinda pointless and I do hate to be a burden, but I am aiming for better safe than sorry.

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  1. It sounds very reasonable to me. Don't worry about being a burden. I think you have a very good reason to go to the clinic. Good for you for improving things a bit on your own, but for sure, it makes sense to get this sorted out before your vacation, which you really deserve to have! I hope you are planning a fun holiday.