Tuesday, May 01, 2012

life? nah.

Hello Blog.

I havnt posted for a while. oh my, I almost have a life.
But alas, normal function will now continue in my lifeless life.

Last week, I had clinic with my surgeon, which was kinda odd as I never go to just clinic, its too far to travel. But they wanted me, so I went. After some sulking because I wouldnt sit in the 'patients chair' (They always do mean things to you when you sit in that chair, like sticking cameras in places where there shouldnt be cameras ha.) He looked at my trach and said that, that dosnt look very good. Then he put his scope down for a better look. I heard him groan a little and then he stood for a few seconds glazing at me with that look that says, i have absloutly no idea what to do here. (I hate that look by the way)

So, it turns out, given that it was only 2 weeks, I had a heck of a lot of scar tissue already in my throat, more than he was expecting. A new plan was formed, in which I have a few new trach tubes and I am to change them myself frequently. The aim of this, is to take the pressure off the areas where it is scaring and allow it to heal. The complication of this, is that, it may well scar more, preventing me from putting the old tube back in.

He sent some swabs off for cultures and I left him mutering something about speaking to the professor to try and hurry some treatment options up. Basically put, my trachea sucks and the trach that was meant to mean no surgery for a while, is in fact causing even more scar tissue to appear.

But, I am still here, though feeling rather rather crappy in all earnest. Pretty sure my chest or trachea is growing some nice little bugs, that are trying to attack my body. This means that as well as my trachea playing up at the minute, so are my lungs and my stomach. And there is nothing I can do about it right now.

So as i was in London, I stayed down there for a days and had some social time with a friend. It was good, watching lots of films, going the cinema, eating out, shopping, drinking cocktails, that kind of thing. And although I got some might evil looks whenever I stopped to cough my lungs out, it went pretty good. Though, I did learn, that if you squish on to a tube train at peak hour and then proceede to have a coughing fit, most people will step back and you get a bit of space of around you instead of being squished. Though, I am unsure as yet, if it is a worthwhile trade, having that space, for the evil glares you get.

But right now, its bed time, so Im off to sleep.


  1. Why do people get so uptight if you have to cough? People don't care that much over here on crowded buses and stuff. If I cough, no-one will move away. I continue to be squished by the crowd. I am glad you had some fun in London though. You deserve to go out and enjoy yourself a bit. Gosh, why are you getting so much scar tissue? It seems so unfair. And you seem to have bad doctors too which isn't fair either. Love your nails though!

  2. Oh, I forgot to say that I live in Ontario, Canada. We have very cold winters and many people cough on buses and everywhere else. No-one reacts at all. But maybe they should. From MLC