Friday, April 20, 2012


I discovered something today.

I do actully own a double bed!
Shock horror.
Yeah, I cleared some junk off it and now it look huge.

Oh and last week I bought a faux fire for my room.
I love having the fire on downstairs in the winter, its so cozy.
I have seen these before, but they usually look very very fake. This one, however, I fell in love with right away. It looks so real.
It sets a wonderful glow in my room.

1 comment:

  1. Very pretty! I think it's so nice that you are making your surroundings look and feel nice and cozy, comfortable, and peaceful. You seem quite artistic. Now if only I could do something with my own place and make it look nice too! Faux fires are nice...I don't know if your winters get cold or not. Here, in Canada we can get temperatures of minus forty degrees Celsius in the winter, but I actually don't mind. I can handle it quite well. It's the heat and humidity I hate. Enjoy your relaxing room!