Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Right direction

Things feel like they maybe going in the right direction at last.
Tonight, I feel happy, truly happy.
It has been so long since I have felt this way.
My niece is here and we have had so much fun, doing nothing really.
She has a cast on and i have been painting it.
Then we have been lazing around watching tv and films.
I have friend again.
More than one.
Ones who have health issues like me, ones who dont, ones who I can ask anything to, male ones and females ones. Its nice. I feel like I have stepped out of my life and into someone elses.

I am almost afraid to blink incase things change.

Im looking at getting my own place. Not rushing into it, but looking sensibly.
And tonight, I had a kinda date.
To be truthful, I dont think i have ever had a date before.
It was nice.
He was a gentleman. Held doors open, wouldnt let me pay for anything, all that type of thing.

Its fair to say, that life seems to be going pretty well right now.
Now, if we could just get my throat sorted, life would be bliss.
And I am going to leave that there, as I am happy and I dont want to make make this post sound like a moan about health.
Everything happens for a reason, and I like where I am right now, so if I had to go through what I did to get here, then so be it.

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