Thursday, March 29, 2012

Win some, lose some

Finally had clinic today with the results of my sleep study.
It showed some mild problems, but the docs dont want to act on it at the minute, due to waiting on more surgery. So yay for no apnea diagnosis.

Chest docs are at a loss to what to do. Any meds they want to try, I already seem to be on, but the crap on my chest is still far to thick. The longer this trach is in, the more issue I am having. Im coughing more, changing tubes more often and most nights waking with a tube full of blood. But, I am still breathing better than I was. Today, I made the walk to the hospital all in one go, no stops and still pretty much able to give my own name in at the desk. This is hugely better than I was. Its been about 2 years since I have been able to do it one go so yay for progress.

Unfortunly, waking up is getting harder again. I am still pushing myself to be up and moving by 10, but it is getting harder. Though, I have mostly cut out the afternoon naps.

Today, I got a load of stuff done for the solicitors which is something I have been putting off for over a month so again yay for progress. And this afternoon, I made an easter egg for my niece. It is a galaxy and oreo easter egg, and hidden inside the egg are chocolate covered oreos. (We have an orea thing going on between ha) It weighs a ton, so I think perhaps I made the shell a bit to thick, but for a first easter egg, i dont think it is bad. Hopefully she will love it.

She is coming down tomorrow, with her new blue cast as she has broken her arm, again! But not going to see her over easter, so getting her this weekend instead.

So yep, yay for progess, aww for annoyance.

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