Monday, March 12, 2012

Smiling is my favourite

Today I a much more settled.
Yesterday was hard.
I worte yesterday off.
I rested, recharged and looked to the future.

Today, I am calmer, happier, more at peace.
Yes things are hard at the minute, but they are getting easier.
In fact, today, is one of the easiest days I have had in a good few weeks.
My methods are paying off and the pain in my neck is going.
Today, I have been painkiller free, and I feel so much better for it.

But more than that.
I have begun looking once again to the future, as oppossed to just getting through the present.
There is so much on the horizon.
And, I can honestly say, I am so overwhelemed, by the amount of people pulling for me.
Be it friends, family or doctors.
Things are coming together, good news is just a breath away.
I still cant say much on it, dont want to jinx it so to speak.
But big things are on the horizon.
In fact, lots of big things are.

I am now half way through my first order on comissioned cards.
I have actully enjoyed making them.

Tonight, I feel at ease.
Tonight, I declare, that I am ready for the next war.
I can do this.
I can bounce back.

There are so many things in life coming together right now.
Life is moving forward.

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  1. Your spirit, fight and perseverance is amazing. *Fingers crossed* for your next stage.
    Love love love