Monday, March 19, 2012


Routine is now settled in I think. I might have to do a draw up of it as some point, just for the record. But, I am changing dressings, nebulising, and all the other fun stuff that goes with it. and its mostly paying off. I can breathe and I am surviving, plus my wound is slowly healing with infection held just on the edges. So all positive so far.

And even more positive, I am working on my sleep pattern this week. My aim is to, all this week, take my meds earlier, sleep earlier and wake earlier. If i get it into line, then this will be a huge step towards normality.

Of course, every plus has down side, and the down side to putting my sleep in order, is spending more time with mother. I have done it for 2 days so far and tonight, its starting to wear on me. She told me this evening that the hospital are going to think I am a hyperchondriac for going in next month when the surgeon wants to see me. Uhhh right. But that plays on my one big fear, that I always have about wasting peoples time. But then, today, as an example, when I got up, she was sitting on the computer. About 2pm, she tipped a pan of soup into a slow cooker and at about 6pm, me her and dad cooked tea together. All the while, she lectured me, that the doctors have told her she need to be resting more than she is because she is looking rough. Not sure how she wants to get more rest in but meh.

I guess, if i get sleeping sorted, then I can work towards getting out the house more, maybe some voluntary work or something, just for the break, now its obvious she isnt going to go back to work, whom, she is currently dodging phone calls from as they want to know what is happening.

So yep, fun few days, but getting there. But, I may end up with lots of angry rants here, whilst i adjust to mother and her second menopause. Ha even my niece said she felt sorry for me last weekend as I literally could do nothing right. But more time to put to better causes.

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