Sunday, February 19, 2012

tiny chocolate cup + muppets

Look at the little tiney tiny cup. How cute is that!!

We went for drinks in this amazing place in town. Mine was kinda like chocolate milkshake, but served in a chocolate cup on a chocolate saucer and with a chocolate spoon. oh nom.

Of course, it was a must, to drink with the pinky properly extended, the british way and all.

Of course, within seconds of picking up the cup, the handle melted and I just about managed to avoid getting covered in the contents. So I went back to drinking off the chocolate spoon ha.

And then we shared the cup.

Afterwards, we filled up on pick and mix. (Yus, I do like to encourage health eating habbits at all times)
Before burning off all the calories we had consumed, by laughing so hard at the muppets film.

I love the muppets and always have. I espcially have a thing for Animal, in that, I have several t shirts and underwear sets with him on, not to mention a teddy or 3.
So, of course, as soon as I saw cups with him standing atop, I had to have one. Who cares if you have to buy a kids cinema deal to get him, I can be a kid like the best of them. And the woman behind the counter was only slightly amused at my over excitement, so I assume I am not the first.

But then, there were more adults in the cinema watching muppets than there were kids, and that is during half term.

He can sit next to my mater from cars when the novelty wears off.

The only issue with Animal, is that he has a wobbly head when you move the cup. That bit is fine. But even if I sit and hold the cup still, due to my tremor, he still shakes his head, which makes a kinda clinky plastic noise. But I have decided that he is just trying to talk to me and to save himself from taking his anger out on his drums.

Any one considering going to see the muppets, DO IT!!! <3 fozzy bear.

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