Sunday, December 04, 2011

My exciting news

I think i have a virus on my computer. This is muchas frustrating Grr. I live on my computer and also pride myself on being able to fix mist issues. Alas this on is getting the better of me.

This means that i have not told anyone about my exciting news. I put it off till i could confirm it and since have been putting it off as i want to add details that require a working computer. But i give up waiting.

So, my news us, that i am going away and in doing so crossing something off my list.

I have been wanting to go to the European Christmas markets for years but not been able to find anyone to ho with nirvana been up to going.

Well right now i am doing ok and so i thought i would bite the bullet an go fir it, alone.

You never know where an adventure might lead and an adventure and some more independence will do me good about now.

I will be going on a river cruise with everything included to 3 countries and 6 markets including valkenburg, where the markets are in caves under the city lit with candles and fairy lights.

Im so excited and looking forward to lots of Christmas spirit.

I have good travel insurance, plenty of Meds and some emergency Meds.

U hope to get lots of pretty pics. Its only really a week off till i go. Yay.
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  1. Oh Kim, that IS exciting news!! I cant wait to see pics (you take such good ones too). Hope you have a lovely trip, you deserve this.