Tuesday, November 08, 2011


I painted my nails todays.
Well actully I painted them a couple of days ago with metallic silver. However, being the cool person that I am, I turned the silver into purple, from my hair. But alas, I had chipped it so today, I am rocking the Black and gold look.
I like this look.
Plus, its about the most I have done today.
Well technically thats not true, its still be radio clinic today. As of yet, mum isnt displaying any super powers. I was hoping she was going to learn to fly or move stuff with her mind, but alas, she is still the same mum. Albeit a mum coming down with a cold. Which gives me the opportunity to seek revenge and say, well you should have gotten your flu injection, like she usually spouts at me every year ha.

I have also been working on a card, but I threw it to one side in frustration. I am working in blue, and I just dont do blue on cards ha.

I think I am more just frustrated in general. my peak flows have taken another drop, the highest I can get them to today, after nebs is 200. I was coughing in the kitchen earlier and dad came to make sure I was ok, because, in his words ' I dont sound ok.' But again, coughing is relatively normal as is the restriction. The aching heavy feeling in the bottom of my lungs though, is a different story. But alas, I have clinic on Thursday, where I think, I may just beg him to fix me, or just like get rid of this pain. I wonder if its fluid building up again gah.

But even more annoying, is that my stomach refuses to let the lungs have all the attention. It must be close to 3 weeks now, since it behaved. And its getting tiring. I am alternating between having to run the loo, inc. several times a night, and then a couple of days, of being very gasy. I know im very classy with my description. Its just that I know I have to be careful to make sure my meds are all still being absorbed and rightfully, I should see a doc. But shoulds dont always happen and I hate talking tummy troubles with docs. I'm such a kid.

Anyway, off to watch some youtube junk and finish off apple tea before.

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