Sunday, November 06, 2011


I am the kind of girl who, will try anything once.
I am most comfortable in jeans and tshirt.
My most recent purchase is my new cup.

(Yum hot chocolate)
My newest discovery is Earl grey tea.
My biggest dilemma, is what to do with my hair.
Every night, I like to annoy my parents. (They go to bed, but I always go and jump on the bed before they can get in and generally bug my dad.)
I will never grow out of colouring in.

My longest Crush is Joshua Jackson (Yes he will come sweep me off my feet one day)

The film that makes me laugh the  most is Lion king 3
The person I miss the most is my nan.
I have a fear of octopus
Growing up I loved playing Robocod, followed by duke nukem.
I used to hate Barbie dolls.
I am a tom boy at heart.

For GCSE I made a Frank Lloyd Write inspired piece of furniture. (For which I got an A)
I also made a giant snowman costume.
My biggest addiction is Haribo
I have a thing for Canadians
I have never been in Love
Though I love singing badly to Disney music.
I hate the rain, yet love the crisp air of Autumn.
While in school I passed my grade  3 flute and picked up the basics on a few other instruments, such as a the recorder, cello, keyboard and violin, though never did any grades in them.

For a while, I was also part of the Liverpool University Junior Orchestra and played in the Phillamonic hall on a couple of occasions. 
From the age of 13-16 I held down between 2 and 9 paper rounds a day
My current fav designer is probably Tim Holtz
Sitting on my bed currently is a couple of nail varnish, my head phones, my kindle, half a bottle of coke and a blank canvas.
I am currently working on an Advent Calendar 

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