Thursday, November 10, 2011

Now what.

What do you do when the top doc in your area tells you that have no clue what to do?
It seems to be a reoccuring theme recently. Sorry if I sound bitter, but check the blog title.

Today was chest clinic. As I mentioned in my last entry, I am feeling rather crap, so I had hoped for a suggestion or anything that might make life easier. What I got was a puzzled doc. The bug is in my chest again, not sure if it ever went. All my tests are normal, so they have no idea why it is there, so they cant prevent it. The IVs didnt help, nothing is helping, and as it is rare to get it in your chest, they have no idea what to do with it. He dosnt think it is causing any huge problems, but generally he dosnt know. I feel awful, the pain is annoying and I am exhausted. We are going to try a long term antibiotic, but that is more to keep on top of any new infections. Other than that, go with it and see him after christmas.

He basically said, while your throat is a mess and your body is getting messed with so much in surgery so often, you wont be normal, you will continue to feel crap and there is very little we can do chest wise, till the throat is sorted. If you get further infections, we can treat them, but other than that, we need to try not to wear out the anti biotics.

Its disheartening. To have the hope, that yes soon you may feel better, and then a couple of weeks later be told, well you might, one day, maybe. Yes things are not terrible at the moment with my life. But I want more than to try living between crisis.

I over did things yesterday and so I am over tired today, so I slept all afternoon.
As a result, I have been moaned at so much today and I am losing my grip on staying cool.I am holding onto happy, but I am slowly slipping.

I know I am under the best docs I can be. There is nothing I can do at this point. Time to dose up on painkillers and go sleep.

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  1. KIm, I am thinking of you and hope you find some relief and comfort.