Thursday, October 06, 2011


Since my arrival on this ward, I have been plagued with some sort of memory that is trying to make sense to me. Well today, it came clear.

On this ward, when the nurses do drugs rounds, there is none of that finding a drug card crap, its all stored on computer. The computer gets wheeled around the ward by the staff and all the information is there. It makes sense, yet seems very futuristic. Here is the machine outside my door.

Yeah its not very clear, but you can kinda see it. Well, tonight I just remembered why it looks so familure. It looks and vaguly acts like Rose, from the Jetsons. Please tell me you remember her haha.
Ah, this has amused me now end.

The excitement huh. And I know I know I should be in bed, but I am awaiting venflon number 3 to be resited.

There was talk of attempting another long line today, but then they couldnt pin down a time and I got stolen by another doc.

They are taking new junior docs on and they were all getting their skills tested before being allowed on the wards. They were a patient short for their mock ups so one of the docs asked me to stand in.

It was amusing. I saw my first chest doctor that I had like 7 years ago. It was good to catch up. Though, after talking to me, they decided I was a little to complex for a new doc, so decided to just use me for my body pfft.

They asked the docs to each demonstrate how they would check all the pulse points and report back.

Well, out of 10 students, I think only one could find my pulse in my radial (wrist.) My femoral (groin) and any others they decided to go for were a little more successful but not much. A lot of them came up with random things like perhaps I had a major blood clot that was stopping my pulse from getting out to my limbs. One also used so much pressure trying to find a pulse in my neck that I couldnt breathe. That was interesting. Oh the joys of having had far to many arterial lines.

The more fuuny/embarsing bit,was because it was last minute, I had to go as I was. So when they checked for a femoral pulse in my groin, they got a lovely view of my MrPerfect, Mr men knickers. haha. Pretty sure I caught one of the real docs stifling a laugh.

But, I did have a fun convo with the examiner bloke. He was ok, and had to time everyone, he was trying to pass the time but didnt want to stand still staring at the floor. So he started kinda dancing. Dont think he realized I was watching till he turned round and saw me giggling. From then on he didnt sance anymore, but did stop for a natter and a discussion on the students.

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