Thursday, October 06, 2011

Bad day

Today has been a horrible day and its not even 6 pm yet.

The doc came to re site my line about 3am. After 3 failed attempts, she gave up and said she would get a doctor to do it today.

I feel like crap today. I woke about 10:30, got washed and changed, meds and nebs and by 11:30 I was fast asleep. They woke me for dinner, but I didnt eat it as I couldnt wake enough and was to tired.

They woke me about 4, as a member of another team was going to put my line in as I was missing my meds. He was lovely and instead of just putting the line in, he looked at all my notes and such. After a very long examination, he declared that he can feel a fair amount of fluid on the bottom of my lungs. He wanted the respiratory team to review tonight.

He eventually got a line in, on the back of my wrist.

But chances are it will have blown by my night time meds.

The respiratory team have reviewed me and decided to carry on as is and that my lungs are ok, this was after a 2 min check.

I can barley stay awake. My head is pounding. After having no dinner, I barley ate my tea. It was cold by the time I plucked up the energy to consume it.

I feel worse today than I did when I came in.

Here is to better days tomorrow.

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