Wednesday, October 05, 2011


Does anyone recall I wrote a list to be be recalled every 6 months. Well oops I forgot, so 18 months on, I have decided to renew it.

So original list; (

*Finsh 8 true blood (i'm on to book 3 right now)
Done and read book 9 too.

*Start reading lord of the rings (Been meaning to do this one for the past 5ish years)
Still to be done ha
*Completely make one wearable item of clothing
Did this one. A 60's inspired skirt and a halloween skirt. Also done a couple of tshirt recons and a handbag.
*Have 3 picture frames on my wall of my nieces and nephews
Did this about February, though they are due for changing.
*Have another special day out with the 3 sprogs
Yeh did this a few times though it quickly dropped to 2 sprogs due to family circumstance
*Change my layout on blogger
Did this one with my venice layout, though again think it maybe due a change again soon.
*Enter a photo competetion
Think I need to improve a little more with this one.
*Produce a photo book with holiday 2010
Did this one and I love my book <3
*Do some sort of charity/voluntary work
I kinda did some photo editing for charity but this is still an area to improve on.*Make a sock monkey
I have made several of these and actully have half a one on my bed right now yay.*Get photos & files off old laptop
Done this one. Was amazed at some of the pics that turned up.*Create a one year blogging video
Did this one.*Watch 10 films that I havnt seen off the IMDB top 250 films. (Think I have seen about 40ish at the minute)
I am actully up to 76 now yay. Added to it this week with the godfather and Amelie.*Have a boys night in with my nephew (Yes, I know I am not a boy, but I do all girly hair and make up stuff with the girls, but I have always been a tom boy at heart. A boys night in would involve pizza and video games. Sounds pretty fun to me.)
Again due to familiy crap this one has not been possible really. We did have a smallish one, but I was unable to eat and such due to being ill but blah.

There is so much more I want to add to the list. But right now, I feel I can put some longer term ones in. When I wrote the orginal list, it was hard to imagine 6 months into the future. But now I can. So my next set of goals.

I want to spend some more time in Venice. I dont mean day trips like I have done before. I want to stay in a hotel in Veince. I want to sit on the floor and people watch, listen for the accents. I want to lazily stroll the streets and get lost. I want to visit the parts that are not seen often. To sit in St Marks Square with a drink at the posh resturant and listen to the band.

I want to visit a circus. I have never been and feel it is something I am missing out on. It looks magical, though I think it was the film water for elephants that got me this feeling.

I want to visit a christmas market abroad with a friend. Somewhere like Germany. The culture, the atmosphere, the general christmas feel. Walking out in the snow looking for gifts, then coming back and curling up in a big arm chair next to a fire with a mug of hot chocolate or mulled wine.

I want to throw a kids halloween party. I know this one is a bit odd. But I loved getting dressed up last year and carving pumkins. I want to do it again. And I have some good ideas. Now just to find the kids mwhahah.

I want to make some cards and such for money or even charity. I have a few ideas. Maybe, though I dont know if they would work, but perhaps, cards for organ recipients to send to donor families. Maybe even with a keepsake, such as a book mark.

I want to go to Paris. Again not with my cynical parents. I want to see it fresh. I want to see it in the sun, to ride the metro, to sit outside a cafe drinking fizzy water (i dont like fizzy water btw),to ride the sane, to picnic under the tower.

I want to do something completely outrageous. Something spur of the moment. I dont know what, something that will amaze people I did. Something to look back on and laugh.

I want to have an amazing Christmas. I want to make my whole (close) family a stocking or such each, that is personalized. I want to set up the dinner table nicely. The dinner table has always been my job and it is always very pretty, but this year, I want it to be exceptional. Maybe place settings and such we shall see.

I also have some that I know will probably never happen. For example, I want to visit chernobyl. It is possible but there are strict rules. If I were to have some incurable disease, I would go offer my services there. They need to build another dome over the one that is there as within the next 15 years or so it will have detroited that much that it will leak causing a lot of problems. The people who built the last one all died from radiation, but the levels where much higher then, but even now it would be a big risk.

So, I am carrying forth, 9 new items and 3ish old ones.

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