Tuesday, October 04, 2011

ick yay ick yay

Have I ever mentioned how much I detest salbutamol? No?
Well I flippin hate the stuff ick.
I can neb it dont get me wrong, however within a few seconds of beginning in it I end up shaking worse than a tumble dryer. So yeah, having sewing projects to keep me busy has caused a few annoyed grunts when I cant get the thread through the needle.

However, today I spoke with the doc about it and they agreed to discontinue it and see how I go on the other  neb. It does kinda help. It doesnt help my breathing as such as it is scar tissue in my throat not swelling so no steroids or bronchodilators are going to help there. However, it does open those little airways in my lungs which in turn help me to cough. so YAY

You may also notice the new neb top. I have been complaining for a while that my current one bugs me as I lose half the neb whilst it sits in my nose. Its also unber annoying as it makes my nose run haha. So physio got me the mouth piece top to try and boy do I love it. I dont think I could run my hypertonic through it, but for all my other nebs, this is fine.

Just incase you hadnt gathered, I am in hospital and on some wonderful IVs. Actully im not going to complain about them, so far, I have not noticed any side effects so yipee. Well apart from the obvious annnoyingly having to be cannulated all the time.

There was talk about putting a long line in today, but alas, I know I have been there in the past and my viens are to weak to stand up to long lines. It does worry me as I am fast running out of access points.

But in other news, I love love love this ward. First off free wifi yay. But the staff are wonderful. As its medical not surgical, I had to kinda put my foot down (which I hate doing) and request a side room, else I would catch all kinds of chest bugs. They were fine with that.

But, they also leave you alone when sleeping. They dont wake you for pointless obs or anything. They know I do my meds, physio and nebs without pestering, so they just run my IVs and let me sleep. To the point where I had drifted off and a nurse turned my lights off and shut the door to keep the noise out. So sweet.

My one complaint, is the dinner. I can not eat their sandwiches. I think there is a choice of 6 differnt ones, and 4 of them have mayo on. I am not allowed mayo so that leaves me chicken and chesse and tomato. But its the butter they use. Its so thick it looks like mayo and it tastes rank. I cant bear the texture in my mouth. But oh well.

Fingers crossed I get out with enough time to go visit a friend before my next surgery. where has the last month gone.

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