Sunday, October 16, 2011


This month has been a tough one, but this weekend has been a good one.

They finally said I could go home on Friday. My cultures came back clear, though I did spend a day struggling to keep anything down as the antibioitcs had messed with my stomach so much. Not a huge problem, but it did lead to me having to run our mid physio session to get to the loo quick enough. Which in turn led to my physio pestering me to drink some lucozade and such. But once the meds have stopped and I slept for anumber of hours, things have slowly began to improve.

So I was discharged from hospital about 1pm and by 5, I was shopping in London. YAY.
Got some makeup and such and then we had a quick bite to eat, but getting changed and going out for the night.

It was after 3 by the time we got home, but plenty of dancing assured we had a good time.

Saturday, was a rather sunny day and so after a rather slow start to the morning (yeah we are the cool kinda people who text each other of a morning even when we could just shout) So we headed off to  Oxford to meet some friends.

I do love oxford, the ultra modern high class society mingled in with such an old town. The cleanliness and general beauty of the town always takes my breathe away every time I see it. On a fair few occasions, I did have to reel my inner camera geekiness in and resist lining up the perfect shots.

The good thing about rambling across a town with a large group of people is that everybody walks slow and so I am able to continue conversation as I go.

It was fun and the weather did pay a large part towards that. We had drinks and sat out on the grass for a long period of time. Later we went for the traditional Oxford milkshake yum. Milkybar was my choice of poison this time. We also did the tradtional bens cookie stop and finished in the pub.

It was late by the time we got home and so today, we are still in our PJs.
So overall a good fun weekend has been had.
And then tomorrow, is back to surgery, bright and early, that should be fun.

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