Monday, October 17, 2011


After one of the hardest months i have had in a long time, it seems the work is paying off.

Today was laser day. I have just seen one of the surgeons and he said compared with my previous ones it looked amazing. We are down to only a 40% black now. That is the block of tissue there was a lot of other crap built up in the area but the hope is now the antibiotics have cleared things up that it should stay clear, with a bit of work.

My energy levels seem to have increased and now hopefully my breathing will too.

How exciting is that. I have a huge grin right across my face. We are going to review again before Christmas but i have a good feeling about this.

If it carries on like this i maybe able to return to work in the new year. So many plans.

A new lease of life away from hospitals.
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  1. What great news! Made me smile too. Everything crossed for you.
    much love