Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Look what I have just stumbled on.

I knew Eva had painted a few other people, but up until today I hadnt seen the results. 
Eva you were one amazing person, look at you still changing the world so much when it has been a while since you were in it. If only you could have carried on, its hard to imagine the places you might have been by now.

The picture is being used as part of the Canadian organ donor campaign Live Life, pass it on.

As for me, well im still in and im still on IVs. Do I feel any differnt? nope.
However, the last doc must have gotten a good vein, as my last cannula, is the first one I have had in the past 3 years that has lasted the maximum allowance of 72 hours. Fab news. However it has meant that it has had to be resited again today. 2 doctors, 7 stabs and I know have a new cannula in my little finger. I doubt this one will make it 72 hours, but maybe I will be out by then.

Though I was asked when i had to leave for London and told they will discharge me at the latest of lunch time Sunday. Fun huh? I intend on being out before then. Just waiting on stupid culture results.

Though I think the meds are finally building up in my system. I feel nauseous today.

But what is worse, is that I have stopped sleeping. Yeah very odd for me. And I cant work out why. I have tried taking my meds earlier. Tried winding down, wearing out and not napping. But alas I am still wide awake at 5. I eventually drift off and get woken for IVs or because I have to go the gym.

i dont know if my mind is going into dread perhaps. The last 4 or so nights, I have had the most awful dreams. Very vivid, very scary and very messed up, involving lots of dead people, killing and running. I wake up several times, even get up and move about hoping not to fall back into it, but I keep doing so anyway. Hurry up and change the damn IVs please.

As for Physio, I was assessed today. I am at pretty much the same point that I was at when I was discharged with my trach. I dont know how I feel about that. I have worked to build up my fitness and I have lost 20kgs, putting me out of the obese catagory and just into overweight. So that should help. But the restriction and hospital time is still taking its toll. But, at least I am not any worse.

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  1. Thanks for posting this. I had forgotten about seeing it before. And my deepest prayers for Tori and Rachy. I was sad to hear about Rachy' condition. I didn't realize that things had gotten so bad.
    I hope you are doing well and keeping strong.