Sunday, October 09, 2011


I just got myself well and truly tangled up and had the nurse laughing at me. :/
If I go out for the day, I usually have to be in for 10 for my IVs, but the nurse told me to come back whenever I felt like (but obviously not stay out all night ha) So it was just after 11 when I got back in. I got side tracked rebuilding a computer.

So I sat on my bed whilst the IV was hooked up and the nurses wanted me to run a couple of extra nebs as she said I sounded chesty. She has never heard me when I have been moving around, but she insisted. So I began running my nebs, stuck my headphones in and plugged my laptop into the mains. The nurses stuck her head back into my room to see if I wanted a drink and as I turned around to answer her, I got completley tangled between the wires. That was my amusement for the day.

So how am I feeling? Still kinda crap. I dont know if it is because I have settled in here or what, but I find it very difficult to wake up. My breathing seems to be about the same. I have been on IVs for about a week now and yay for my current cannula still lasting even if I do keep catching it. Lucky number 5. Up until friday, I had pretty much stopped coughing, though now I feel my cough creeping back in.

The more annoying thing? I have only recently gotten back into being able to use my hypertonic saline as it used to make my throat burn. But now, it barley seems to be working. I can run 3 full nebs in a row and not cough even once. I know there is still crap there, but my best way of shifting it, is to hang myself upside down.

So samples sent off this morning and I am getting icky coloured stuff again. But im already on IVs damn it. So awaiting cultures. However, I am due in London in a week. I dont know when the latest is that I can come off the IVs and still be acceptable for surgery. But then the docs down there are aware of my crappy immune system and know half the time im on antibiotics when i go down. I am at that point where each time I go down, they just ask me to give a quick update since my last addmision to put in my notes. They are a good crew down there, I may have some grumbles with the hospital, but the docs are all wonderful, even if I dont ever actually get to talk to any of them.

Now, as for this hospital. I love this ward so much. Perhaps it is because they are used to having younger patients, they deal with a lot of post lung transplant patients and CF patients. Its amazing how many times a day I get asked if I am CF, think its an age thing. But, they dont bug you. They dont wake you up for silly things. No making the beds at stupid oclock, if your asleep they dont bug you for obs, the let me run my own medication. They are fab. And its not just a sleep thing. They all chat to you. Walking past the nurses desk and at least one person will ask how you are feeling and if you feel any better. I had a full 20 minute convo with someone the other day just about books, swapped hair dye tips with another person and they just generally go out the way to help you. I am a night owl, but every time they are making tea and my light is still on, they always ask if I want some.

Blah enough ramble for tonight.

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