Wednesday, October 19, 2011


This maybe harder to upkeep than originally hoped.

I know the docs said that I need to keep on top of this and I do feel the differences this time, but something dosnt feel right.

I can feel that my airway feels wider, but, it keeps blocking up easy. My peak flows have done a huge jump from 150 to 280,that is amazing. But, to keep it at 280, involves virtually permeant nebbing.

Right now, I am doing perhaps 4 hours of nebs a day, plus humdification. I am cycling with my ipratropium followed by 2 or 3 hypertonic. All well and good and it seems to work. But, I have a new issue, whenever I cough, I get a rather odd feeling in my throat. It kinda feels like it is numb and on fire at the same time. Usually at this point post surgery, I still have pain, there isnt any right now. Just this odd feeling, like tinginling. Its amazing as I can tilt my head back and still be able to breathe, usually I can only tilt about 35% before my airway blocks off.

But I have awoken exhausted again. I spent the night coughing. And now, I have just thrown a slight temperture.

This is where I encounter problems. Being so far away from the hospital, makes it difficult to speak to anyone. In almost 2 years I have only had 2 out patient appointments. I spoke to my surgeon as they were putting me under on Monday. I dont know what to expect. I dont know what is normal any more. But this, this is tiring and I dread sleep for the work I have to do upon waking.

This has to settle as I get furtehr post surgery right?.

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