Tuesday, September 06, 2011

sleep and home

Well, I am home.
Do I feel better? Ask me again tomorrow.
I have done nothing but sleep.
There was an issue with my meds to take home, so I was didnt leave the hospital till after 11, meaning I slept all morning. I usually walk to the station, but every muscle was screaming out in pain and effort, my chest and head hurt and so I got the bus. Got onto the train and slept. Got off the train, came home and slept. Just eaten and now I am off to sleep.

My breathing feelings difficult. Often it is omitting a high pitched squeal. I feel rough. Rougher than I have felt in a long time. I hope this settles soon.

Overall, my surgeon seems to be at a bit of a loss as what to do now. He dosnt want to put me through more big open procedures, but he knows that I am struggling. He keeps mentioning that there are going to be much better fixes close down the line that he would rather wait for. So the plan, is to stick with the intensive monthly ops for as long as possible. Obviously if things start getting dangerous then that might have to change but for now we continue to play the waiting game.

I just wish, I could get some of the symptoms under control. The headaches, the tiredness and the ability to wake up. I had a full on conversation with my anestitst before I went down yesterday, but I dont think I lifted my head off the pillow nor actully fully awoke for any of it. Lucky he knows me fairly well, though he kept asking if I were ok and then bumped me up the list by about 5 places. He is a nice guy. Always very apologetic when he cant find a vein or when he knows it is going to sting as the vein is so small.

Now for sleep as I have to be up tomorrow morning for Chemo day.
And then the cycle begins again.

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