Monday, September 19, 2011

Night time camera adventure

This evening I am huddled up with a box of tissues and a warm drink. How unlike me, I dont do warm drinks hehe.
Did I mention last week that my dad had a rotten cold? Mum had to kick him out to sleep in the spare room so as not to get her sick.
Well, last night, I began with a cold and after a long night of coughing and spluttering and generally keeping everyone awake, I now have a full fledged cold.
Lovely. Thanks for that one dad :)

Normally I would have just slept all day,with it being a sunday and my dad was working. But I took on my first proper commissioned card and so I had to get up in the morning to complete it. My niece was also staying and I dont like leaving her alone with my mum too much. Sounds nasty, but my mum seems to like to whine to her about how ill she is. And at 12, I think the poor kid has enough to be dealing with, without hearing the hard truths about chemo and cancer. Maybe its just me, but I am defo one to keep medical crap as much away from her as I can. I mean she was shocked the other day when I got somthing out my top drawer and she saw all my pill boxes.

But anyway.

Last week The Queen Mary Cruise ship was docked in Albert Dock. I only heard about it on the radio in the day but I was talking about it with my dad. And given my love for night photography I decided to go down with dad and have a look.

We were a little later getting down than planed due to Dad helping a damsel in distress so to speak. She had broken down and was trying to push her car off one of the main roads by ours. So dad jumped out to help and I was able to jump in dads car and use his to shield them.

Anyway, as we were late getting down, we also saw the firework display and I got to have a nice play with my camera.

The ship itself was bloody huge. It still amazes me how something like that can float.
I also came to the conclusion that I really do need a better zoom lens. Ah, something to prepare my bank balance for.

And I was able to get a nice one of the Liver Building with the Liverpool Wheel in the background.

And some more of the docks. Though these were harder to get due to large number of people walking across the bridge making the pics blurry. 

Pretty Fireworks 

This is the building next to the Liver Building. It had pictures projected on it. The building is the Cunard building, which yup, is the people who own the ship. The Cunard building though has been there since the docks were expanded many years ago to meet the shipping trade for Ireland and America. At the moment we can accept cruise day trips and uk based boats, but nothing more due to not having a customs terminal close to the docking port. This pictures show the history of the Cunard company. It is a wonderful building and one that has been preserved well. There is a big hidden secret in this building that isnt known by many. There is one area of the building that has been kept exactly as it was in its prime. All the storage and log areas have been presevered including the old shipping logs of who docked. There is even part of an old stair case that used to go straight to water and such. From what I recall, there are only a few people allowed to see this area each year, in order to keep it how it is. Including postage headers and company stamps and I think, Letters from the current Queen and such.

And then the ship left the dock.

So yes, that was my little late night adventure. Now back to curl up with my tissues.

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